What is Extreme Energy?

National campaign group Frack Off are also known as ‘The Extreme energy Action Network.’ Frack Free Five Valleys is campaigning not just against fracking but against any extreme energy threat to the Five Valleys, as these threats are rooted in exactly the same issues. Understanding this is key if we are going to create a long term network of resilience against this increasing threat to communities across the South West and across the world.

‘Extreme Energy is a term used to describe a group of energy extraction methods that have emerged in recent years, as more usual methods of extracting fossil fuels fail to provide the amounts of energy that civilisation demands. Examples include Tar Sands, Mountain Top Removal, Deep Water Drilling, Coal Bed Methane and Shale Gas. Harmful energy sources that are not based on fossil fuels, such as agrofuels and a nuclear, are also sometimes considered part of the extreme energy sector.’ – Frack Off

Informative Blog from Frack Off – http://frack-off.org.uk/extreme-energy-overview/


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