Fracking and Health

Peer reviewed science from The University of Colorado and Cornell School of Veterinary Medicine implicate fracking in severe damage to the health of humans and animals including in the long term cancers, neurological damage, mutations and a host of other potentially deadly impacts. Farm animals exposed to fracking fluid through spills died within hours.

Most recently The University of Missouri released a report associating fracking operations with cancer and infertility in humans.

People living in fracked areas (known as gasfields, where the nessecary networks of wells are built and connected up to pipelines and compressor stations) complain of headaches, eye and throat irritation, skin rashes and headaches and these are just the short term effects.

US law currently prevents doctors from disclosing to their patients the chemicals that they believe are damaging them as the priority in the law is the fracking industries ‘need’ for secrecy to protect trade secret chemical formulas.

Fracking was also exempted from the safe drinking water act in the US by Dick Cheney, former CEO of oil and gas giant Halliburton.  If fracking was safe why would this be needed!

Useful Videos –

Marianne Lloyd smith of the national toxics network –

Theo Colborn, president of the endocrine disruption exchange, who spearheaded study into fracking and health –


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