Actions to take

minch common
Some things you may like to do (not by any means an exhaustive list – if you have a good idea go for it!) –
1) Come to the regular Stroud group meetings and connect with people in your community resisting this.  If you live in a local village we can help you hold a meeting and start a group in your village.  The more community groups we have  getting to know each other and fighting along side each other, the stronger and more resilient we are.
Email us at
2) Another option to help raise awareness is by forwarding and adding our names to the legal block to fracking under peoples homes at  Greenpeace created this and people can check if they are under threat by typing in their postcode then adding their name.
Sharing these with friends and neighbours may help more people realise that the threat is real.
3) Join our facebook page and invite your friends to –
4) Hold a fracking film night for friends and neighbours.
5) Add you name to the mailing list and come to one of our regular meetings or events – Contact with your email address if you’d like to be added.
Frack Free Five Valleys (forever) 

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